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What to Expect

We understand that sometimes going to see a new doctor can cause a bit of apprehension. As a warm and friendly office, our goal is to make you feel at home right away. It’s our desire to help you feel completely comfortable while we determine how to address your individual health goals.

Your First Visit

We will do everything we can on your first visit to help you start feeling better. The necessary paperwork can be found on our website and brought in with you completed. Here’s what you can expect next:

  • A staff member will bring you back to a private room and explain the evaluation and examination process. She’ll also go over our financial policy, get HIPPA signatures, and answer any questions you may have about insurance.
  • You’ll meet Dr. English, who will discuss your health history and current condition with you.
  • He will then perform an examination. You’ll receive the appropriate treatment on your first visit and be given your self-care instructions. Most patient will be scheduled for a return visit a few days later.

Your Second Visit

Dr. English will review your examination findings with you and see how you responded to your first treatment. Depending upon how you are feeling and what your treatment goals are, further care will be designed to provide relief, continued healing, and restoration of health.

Regular Visits

When you arrive for your regular visits, we’ll direct you to a private treatment room with minimal waiting time. Dr. English will give you an adjustment and any physical therapy that is needed(e.g. massage, muscle stimulation or ultrasound). He will also review and add any new exercises you may need. Dr. English educates his patients one-on-one during visits to the practice.

Schedule Your First Appointment

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